DynaPath 2000 Series Milling Controls


Conversational Graphics make it easy to program your DynaPath control. Just identify the "Event Type" from the graphic representation and the screen displays the information needed to create the program. In this example, "Bolt Circle" is the "Event Type" selected and a detailed graphic of the dimensions needed to complete the program are displayed. Simply fill in the blanks and the program is ready.



Your DynaPath control is always easy to navigate. All events are commanded from this home screen. Simple to learn, Simple to use.

DynaPath's graphics are complete and powerful. The program can be displayed in any of the four different four views. Graphics can show either tool path or part surface, and the graphics run in real time for complete analysis of the machining process.

Your DynaPath 2000M can be equipped with complete part and tool probing capabilities. Setup is simplified with graphical representations and directions.

The DynaPath 2000M is a fully functional CNC control that can handle a variety of offline generated 3D surfaces. When equipped with high speed machining software; accurate, precise tool paths are produced.

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