DynaPath 2000 Series Controls


DynaPath© Delta - DynaPath has developed a new generation of Delta Series controls. The DynaPath© Delta M and T Series controls take CNC to a whole new level with industrial hardening and transparent software sophistication that have made Delta controls the CNC control of choice for machine operators, shop owners, and production managers.

The Delta 2000 is powerful, dependable, and easy to configure. These controls handle the full range of milling and turning platforms. DynaPath fully protects you with designs that provide the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective on-site upgrades in the industry.


Interactive Screens
with software-defined soft keys eliminate the need for most of the switches found on many control panels. Through its Plain English Mode Select Menu, all of the new Delta capabilities are instantly accessed; a single keystroke returns the operator to that menu regardless of the control capability being used.

From Initial Setup
there’s a screen to walk the operator through the most difficult tasks, and a host of built-in automated and user-defined cycles to speed up those tasks. Touch-triggered probing of part location, tool setting, and compensations has its own screen to verify the operation. Screens walk the operator through entry of either absolute or incremental compensations with inch or metric values displayed. Automatic calibration is also possible. Loading all the information needed to make a part is simplified on the Delta control. Part programs and tool tables from a host computer are loaded to the hard disk through the RS-232 at up to 38,400 baud, or via an AT compatible floppy disk. The operator can run extremely long programs with buffered input from the hard drive.

Verifying Information
is simplified through Seven-View Graphics, displaying all three planes plus an isometric and blueprint view. High-resolution interpolated graphics can verify a part program by actually measuring critical dimensions on the screen with movable cursors, simulating individual operations or the entire job in real time before any tools touch the work piece.

Two Programming Modes
both the proprietary Conversational Programming mode and the conventional G-Code mode. DynaPath’s menu-driven conversational program­ming leads less-experienced personnel through part program generation, step by step. Alternately, conventional EIA/ISO G-Code programming can be used for standardization. When you enter data at the machine, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and ease of the positive alphanumeric keyboard with LCD defined soft keys.

DynaPath’s Conversational Graphics
for program mode further reduces part programming effort by interactively displaying graphical diagrams of conversational events and EIA-lSO blocks. Since the graphics are bitmapped pictures, custom macros can be easily created with commercial drawing packages and automatically displayed when the macro ID is entered.

Unique Delta capabilities
including incrementally entered, positive and negative tool diameter compensations for cutting your parts with oversize or undersize tools. An advanced tool to simplify compensation turn-on, especially in tight quar­ters incorporating both vector and right angle turn-on coupled with powerful look-through capabilities for position events, Z-axis plunges, repeats, and subroutines.

Reverse Engineering
and part program generation using DynaPath’s 3D Touch Trigger Probe Digitizing System

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