CENTROID Complete Control Systems

CENTROID CNC Control Systems

Now with Windows 7 OS, Solid State Hard drive, USB ports.

With 5000 operational CNC controls in the field CENTROID has a proven track record of performance and reliability. No other control gives you so much return on your investment. From day in and day out reliable operation to giving you the capability to produce parts efficiently the CENTROID CNC control is unmatched. You have to drive it to believe it, the ease of use alone saves you thousands and allows you to actually do those advanced CNC functions that everyone is bragging about. CENTROID manufactures its own CPU's, motor amplifiers, PLC's and software so it all works together well making your user experience straight forward.

The Centroid system can drive either AC or DC servo motors up to 8 axes. The complete wired electrical enclosure can be mounted to the machine or with the CENTROID stand shown. Monitor and keyboard along with the pendant dock allow for easy machine adaptation and customization.

Hardware provided makes installation quick and simple. The CNC system is powered by standard 110 VAC or can be ordered in a high power version for 220 volt single or three phase or 440 volt phase input applications.

  • One year warranty, on-site installation and training available.
  • Complete factory tested CNC control system ready to bolt on a machine tool - 1 to 2 day install on most machines.
  • Windows 7 OS, Ethernet connection between PC and CNC control.
  • Fast, reliable Solid State Hard drive. (no moving parts)
  • Prewired servo motors and encoders.
  • Servo Motor Drive programmed and wired.
  • Control Power supplies provided and wired.
  • PLC pre-programmmed and wired, w/extra outputs.
  • Built specifically for your machine: Motor sizes, cable lengths,voltages, accessories cables, mounting hardware and more.
  • Sealed electrical enclosure, prewired tested and ready to use.
  • Display and operators pendant mounting hardware included, multiple configurations for custom applications.
  • Lube, Mist, Flood, Vacuum, Spindle, and custom use contactors/relays provided and wired ready to use.
  • Remote operator control pendant, plug and play control of spindle, jog axes, tool check, e stop, feed hold, coolant.
  • Pre-programmmed key functions for common machine tool operations along with custom user defined key functions.
  • User friendly Tool and Part setup menus.
  • G code backplot graphics with time estimation
  • Money making options you can add at any time such as: Digitizing, Probing, Auto tool measurement, Coordinate System Rotation, Work Coordinate Systems and more.