Multi-DNC DNC Network Communication"The industry’s leading provider of wired and wireless DNC and machine monitoring software systems since 1987"

Multi-DNC Features

  • NC code editor with programming calculators
  • Browser based File Compare utility
  • Remote Request - allows CNC operators to send, receive, and execute other functions from their CNC controls
  • Job Base - associated programs and production documents are linked together under a Job Name and description. Stored in a SQL database with report capability. Job Base - DIAGRAM
  • Multiple Simultaneous File Transfer / Drip Feed
  • Sub-program expansion
  • Auto Re-connect
  • SAB program
  • Mid-program restart
  • Free online training for operators
  • Much more...
Tech Support: Toll free ~ Remote linking ~ 24/7 Emergency Service NETWORK CONFIGURATION WIRELESS CONFIGURATION Wi-Box by Spectrum

Optional Features

MACHINE DATA COLLECTION/MONITORING - Real Time monitoring of important Machine Event data with up to 8 input types including cycle time, Machine Alarms, part count, tool change, spindle on and off, and which program is running. Written to an SQL database - Reports can be viewed through a Browser from anywhere. Receive customized notifications by email or text message to your cell phone. Data Collection & Monitoring - POWER POINT CLIENT-SERVER - allows any connected Client to do 99% of the functions possible from the Server interface itself. Management personnel can just "watch" what is happening at the Server(s) from their connected computers, or actively "make it happen". The Server computer can be put into a more secure area on the manufacturing shop floor, and be administered remotely across the network. MULTI-DNC Clients can be installed on PC based CAD/CAM workstations so that the CNC programmers can actively initiate sending programs to CNC controls from their programming area. Multi-DNC makes set-up easy through built-in configurations to your control manufacturer's specs.

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