CNC Retrofit Kits


Available for both milling machines and lathes, the new Machine Control Package includes an electrical enclosure that bolts directly to the machine and houses the DynaPath PC-based CNC hardware, servo drive amplifiers, and an interface board for easy connection of optional accessories such as overtravel and reference limit switches, It also includes a swivel arm supported pendant enclosure.

The DynaPath MCP further includes two or three axes of servo motors with tach and feedback encoders plus cables with MS connectors to speed and simplify connections between motor and electrical enclosure.

The MCP CNC also includes tool path graphics to preview part programs, a standard 3.5” floppy disk drivefor partial program loading and storage, a hard disk drive which provides Conventional GraphicsTM capability, and megabytes of additional part program storage for buffered input operation.

FEATURES 2 Axis 3 Axis
12" Color LCD Panel Display Standard Standard
Operators Panel (Jog Switches, E-stop, Etc. Standard Standard
Pendant with Swivel Arm Support Standard Standard
CNC System
Floppy Disk Drive Standard Standard
Hard Disk Drive w/Conversational GraphicsTM Standard Standard
Fourth Axis (Rotary or Linear) N/A Optional
Fifth Axis (Rotary or Linear) N/A Optional
Servo Motors
20 in/lb. Standard(2) Standard(3)
Control for 110 VAC, 3 Phase Coolant Pump Standard Standard
Control for 220/440 VAC, 3 Phase Coolant Pump Standard Standard
Reversing Contactors for 220/440 VAC Spindle Control Standard Standard

The DynaPath Mechanical Retrofit Kit includes all the hardware required to bolt the Machine Control Package to a "Bridgeport" class manual knee-type milling machine. Components in the retrofit package include X and Y-axis servo motors. Additionally, a linear glass scale is included for Z-axis position DRO on the CRT for two-axis retrofits or a Z-axis quill down feed (Quill Box) with three-axis retrofit package. The Z-axis Quill Box is constructed of heavy cast aluminum with a precision ground ball screw providing motion. Two models are available: one for a Series 1 Bridgeport head with an R-8 taper; the second for larger 5 hp heads with a 40 taper quill. Every cable, every connector, every component necessary to transform your machine into a powerfully productive and versatile metal cutting platform is supplied and warranted by Auto Conn